Located at the heart of the archipelago – Cebu City (The Queen City of the South) founded by Gian Carlo Cataraja. We are a group of IT Professionals with a divergent specialization that provides solutions to your business needs. Our team is dedicated to Software Development, Embedded Systems, and Data Analytics.

“A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human.” – Alan Turing





Enterprise Software Development

From Corporate Websites to Enterprise Information Systems, we are committed to develop and deliver quality products using the latest tools available on the market today. Customer satisfaction is one of our main goals.


Embedded Systems Development

As Technology evolves, our way of living continues to rely on the Internet. We in Federal Software provides practical and functional Embedded Technologies that greatly help you build and grow your business.


Data Analytics

It’s a claim you’ve probably heard multiple times – “Data is the new oil!”. We are fully committed to providing you the precise data that you need in order for your business to grow.